Under 12D Premiers and Champions 2014/15

The perfect season. We’ve all dreamed about it but last Saturday our U12s side achieved it. Undefeated throughout the home and away season and undefeated in finals.


The team started the season short on players which saw a merge with Glenroy to keep the group together rather than go off to other teams. A number of other clubs did the same thing and it looks like our partnership was the best of them all (having defeated a team from Sydenham/Hillside in the grand final).

And congratulations to Heshitha Galhenage who won the Best Bowling Award for the U12s grade and the region!


Final scores for the grand final were:

St Andrews / Glenroy 2/136
J Bushell 0
RJ Seath 3*
J Buttigieg 26*
E Cowley 6*
C Bell 4*
HN Galhenage 25*
S Vella 5*
RK Silveira 5*
MJ Seath 6
Z DiBiase 1*
DJ Barbar 6*
J Silveira 3*
R Mawilmada 0*
Extras 46

Sydenham / Hillside (2) 9/116

RK Silveira 3/0/13
HN Galhenage 3/2/5
DJ Barbar 2/0/16
Z DiBiase 2/1/10
RJ Seath 2/0/9
R Mawilmada 3/2/12
J Silveira 3/3/8
E Cowley 2/0/5
C Bell 2/0/6
MJ Seath 2/0/10
S Vella 2/0/8
J Buttigieg 2/0/6


Thank-you to Daniel for coaching the team this year (on top of other duties as Coach of the senior teams, Captain of the A Grade team and Committee Member). Also Terriann Seath for scoring the whole season, Aidan and Brent Seath for their support at training and game day, Wayne Buttigieg for support at training and game day as well, and Sam Ferraro for organising the club’s Junior program for 2014/15 (I hear he’s starting plans for 2015/16 already).

Finally, a massive thank-you to the parents for your support for your children to play this year. Those early mornings can be difficult.