Teams for Saturday 6 December 2014

One Dayers vs Oak Park at JP Fawkner Reserve Sam Ferraro Fridge Macca Mick McCarthy Paul Newton Kaine Hocking Ben Thompson James Downing Kerin McKenna Vinodh Narasimhan Joel Drysdale

Match Results 28-29 November 2014

A Grade are off to a good start with Daniel Di Gioia (60) and Jimmy Marinos (40*) amongst the runs with a few more overs to bat after a delayed start to the game. Plus difficult situations facing B and C Grades, a loss to the one day side and three more wins to our […]

Phil Hughes: Rest In Peace

St Andrews Cricket Club members join cricket players and supporters around the world in showing their respects to Phil Hughes. Our thoughts go out to his family, friends and team mates.    

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Teams for Saturday 29 November 2014

A Grade vs St Albans at Cole Reserve 1 Daniel Di Gioia*+ Andrew Willett+ Nick Sirgiannis James Jovanovski Ben Murdoch Matthew DiGioia Buddhika Madusanka Jayden Tapner MuhaMmad ArXlan KhAn Jimmy Marinos Denis Ryan B Grade vs St Albans Snuff Tony Dhami Rameen Jayasekara Matt West+ Supa Starc Alf* Wayne Chamra Mohsin Rahman Bruce West Aidan Seath Mahesh […]

Xmas Party Sunday 7 December 2014

Our next club event is the Xmas Party on Sunday 7 December 2014 from 11am. If you’ve been before you know what a fun day it is, if not you’re missing out. Also a reminder that all players have been given a book or two of raffle tickets to sell. Make sure you do as […]


Melbourne Cup Day 3 November 2013

Players Meeting Saturday 13 December 2014

We have a compulsory Players Meeting on Saturday 13 December at 11:30am – so before your game that day. This meeting will give all players a rev up before the last game of the season and what to expect after the break in the run home towards finals.

Match Results 21-22 November 2014

Three senior teams won this week, including our T20 side and our first on turf for the year from Tommy Gun’s C Grade getting over shared-ground rivals Glenroy. And a top knock from Willett and A Grade debutant Benny Murdoch helped save an outright loss. Other top scorers included Joel Drysdale, Snuff, Russell Passmore, Fridge, […]


Teams for Saturday 22 November 2014

One Dayers vs Sunshine Heights at Balmoral Park #2 Maffa Adam King Alex King Ben Thompson Vinodh Narasimhan Dave Rusec Rick Klepacki Macca Joel Drysdale Jimmy Downing Jayden Tapner Tony Dhami Prashant Other teams were picked last week and can be found here.

Match Results 14-15 November 2014

The one dayers fell just short of their second win in a row off the back of great work from X with 98*, Vin with 53 and Alex King with 4-35. But another 3 wins for the Juniors!

Teams for Saturday 15 November 2014

A Grade vs Craigieburn at Cole Reserve 1 D Di Gioia*+ N Sirgiannis J Vas Rameen A Willett* B Murdoch D Ryan J Marinos Jova M Di Gioia Arslan B Grade vs Craigieburn Snuff M West+ Supa Moshi Madu P James Alf* Imran B West Aidan Kerin C Grade vs Glenroy at Cole Reserve 2 […]