St Andrews Win Grace King Cup

Thanks to everyone who came to the Grace King Cup and Xmas Party.

With your support we were able to raise $2,000 for for the NABNEC study funding PhD research positions trialling new treatments for pancreatic cancer.

St Andrews win Grace King Cup 201718

St Andrews 7/90 (18) def Royal Park/Brunswick 10/89 (19.5)


Jayden Tapner 2/19 (4)
Aaron King 2/11 (4)
Andrew Scott 1/22 (4)
Jimmy Marinos 2/23(4)
Usama Saddiq 3/9 (4)


Daniel Di Gioia C 0
Matt West C 4
Jack Hamilton C 13
Usama Saddiq C 0
Jonathan Huddart St 12
Jesse Vas NO 16*
Andrew Willett LBW 11
Aaron King RO 4
Denis Ryan NO 21*
Marinos & Tapner DNB

Player of the Match: Usama Saddiq

Usman Saddiq