Match Results 17-19 October 2014

A Grade

Not a bad start from the bowlers, very tidy figures from Willett, Moshi, Hass, Jova and Arslan. Now it’s time for the batters to shine with a full day at the crease next week.

Aberfeldie 10/261

A Willett 10-1-25
M Di Gioia 5-0-25
M Rahman 4-1-8
M Hassan 12-2-32
J Jovanovski 20-3-63
A Imran 10-2-38
MA Kahn 17-1-54

1 catch and a stumping for +D Di Gioia. 1 catch and a run out for J Marinos. 1 catch each to M Di Gioia and M Hassan.

St Andrews 1/0

N Sirgiannis 0*
JL Vasilas 0
A Imran 0*

B Grade

Again some great work with the ball from X, Jesse James and Rameen, but a terrible start with the bat with four Saints wickets falling before the end of the day. Good start from Rameen though, hopefully he and the rest of the team can hold their wicket and make the runs next week.

Taylors Lakes 10/233

X Burgmann 13-4-18
J Tapner 13-0-48
PH James 13-2-33
I Arshad 7-1-29
M Liyanage 7-2-33
S Lokumudalige 5-0-23
R Jayasekara 4-1-5

1 catch each to X Burgmann and B Murdoch.

St Andrews 4/34

R Jayasekara 30*
R Klepacki 0
B Murdoch 0
X Burgmann 0
I Arshad 0
V Narasimhan 0*

C Grade

Bruce West and Kerin McKenna were greatly under bowled looking at their figures. Matt West however tonned up with the ball throwing absolute hand grenades but managed a whopping 6 wickets.

Spotswood 7/282

M Perera 12-0-42
W Buttigieg 6-0-29
S Wallace 10-0-46
B West 7-1-21
K McKenna 6-0-7
AR Seath 7-0-24
M West 24-6-107

2 catches to B Campbell, 1 each for +D Ryan and M West, and a great run out from (sub) Captain T Murdoch.

A Grade ODs

A bit of deja vu playing SUnshine Heights again at home for the second week in a row, but not anywhere near the run-fest it was last week with the Saints failing with the bat then finishing up early dropping more catches than they made runs.


St Andrews


S Conroy 12
Nirmal 4
J King 9
Ad King 0
T Murdoch 0
D Maffescioni 18
M Sultan 6
Al King 4*
Extras 6
Total 6/59

Sunshine Heights 2/68

T Murdoch 4-2-21
J King 4-0-28
Nirmal 1-0-19

1 catch each to +S Conroy and Ad King.


St Albans 3/51 def St Andrews / Glenroy 2/52 

St Andrews Blue 5/138 def Keilor Red 6/135

Keilor White 1/81 def St Andrews Yellow 5/76