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Teams for Saturday 7 February 2015

A Grade vs Haig Fawkner at Mutton Reserve Snuff Supa Daniel Di Gioia Andrew Willett Matt West Jimmy Marinos Ben Murdoch Jesse Vas Chris Walsh Matthew Di Gioia Jayden Tapner B Grade vs Haig Fawkner at Cole 1 Alf* Tom Murdoch Russell Passmore Josh Blake Sam Ferraro Kerin Mckenna Madu Liyanage Wac Wally Aidan Seath Adam King […]

Congratulations: Matt West 148 not out

Little did Alf Micallef know that when he won the toss and chose to bat something special was about to happen. Dave Edwards and Matt West padded up (reluctantly) facing local rivals Glenroy. Dave didn’t bother the scorers much but Matt West batted out the day pounding out 148 runs from the nine hapless Glenroy […]